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Name: mattress ticking production electronic jacquard circular knitting machines
Detail: The fabric structure of knitting mattress ticking cover is lining weft organization, commonly known as quilt fabric structure.By the front, back and middle of the added liner yarn composition.The upper and lower knitting needles are respectively knitting on one side to form a interlayer, and then the interlayer is lined with interlining weft yarns.
Knitting jacquard mattress ticking fabric emphasizes 3D and convex feeling, elasticity and softness, polyester, cotton and rayon are more commonly used raw materials, at the same time we can also use many new fibers such as bamboo fiber, soybean fiber, corn fiber, milk fiber, natural silk, modal, organic cotton, acetate fiber, bamboo charcoal fiber, silk and so on.

HONGJUN Double Jersey Electronic Jacquard knitting machine for mattress ticking production

Machine specifications:

38 inches, 20 Gauge, 72 Feeders

Jacquard Computer: Chuangda 2 way

Electronic yarn feeder: LGL MINI or Memminger SFE

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