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Name: 3 Way Technique Mini Jacquard Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

Jacquard Needle Selection system apply 3 way technique needle selector. Working mechanism is: one feeder 

equipped with one selector , is used to control the corresponding middle needle and jack, in order to realize 

the knitting  of float, tuck and knit loops,  thus to knit mini jacquard fabrics.

Select secondary public heel on the needle bar, can also be used to knit plain fabric, lacoste, pique and other

 mini jacquard pattern fabrics.When changes of fabric pattern, need to change the position of selector position 

to select needles according to different patterns,. The operation is simple and fast. These mini jacquard machine 

can be convert into computer electronic jacquard if necessary.

  • Cylinder diameter: 30 ~ 38 ""
  • Machine Gauge: 16 g ~ 24 g
  • Feeders: 60F-108F
  • RPM: 16 ~ 26
  • MOTOR: 3.7 ~ 5.5 HP

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