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Name: Double Jersey Mini Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine by three technique way selector

Double jersey mini jacquard circular knitting machine with Cylinder equip with mechanical needle selection device,

 to select needles so as to control it.

The machine apply mechanical 3 technique way needle selector. The selector can be prob and move to LEFT/MIDDLE

/RIGHT Position, LEFT means MISS, MIDDLE means KNIT, RIGHT means TUCK. According to your fabric sample to 

move each selectors so as to produce double jersey mini jacquard fabrics of various type.

Needle selection consists of 37 level, thus can be chosen in accordance with the fabric sample, according with 36 

as a repeat diagonal arrangement or  37 level  and take 72 as a repeat.

Compare with Electronic jacquard knitting machines, this machine speed is higher, so the production is higher.
Even in higher speed production, won’t result in any knitting error

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